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Windrace Ranch     

Well, here is the footage I managed to get (braving those dangerous bears ya know!). See the attached picture!

Yep, he pounced on and actually FOUGHT with two statues! I almost fell over laughing, but I KNOW he thought he was defending *MOM* from some
terrible fate!! The worst part of it was the fact that after I realized what he
was tangling with and I led him away (laughing my butt off I might add)
we walked around a bit, then passed by again, and he repeated it!!!
Poor Maxxy, getting senile I guess. He looks at those statues a bit
strangely and from a distance now, I imagine he's wondering how in
the world they managed to get a *bite* in. LOL
(It's from the way he so forcefully jumped on the bear in front, hahaha)
Linda (still laughing...)

And THAT'S how Maxx's great bear adventure ended!