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Windrace Ranch     

We strive to breed our dogs to the highest standards.
We aim for healthy, intelligent, and conformationally sound animals.
Our dogs have been placed in pet homes as well as livestock,
security, companion, and even law enforcement situations.
They are loving, loyal and versatile, always
eager to please their people, yet independent enough to think
through situations for themselves when needed.
They become quite strongly bonded to their people and are
protective of them, their territory, and their livestock as well.

    Cactus Canyon Private Benjamin              Cactus Canyon Bianca Celine
      Belgian Groenendahl Shepherd                   Belgian Tervuren Shepherd
           DOB 08/08/1999                                                DOB 07/01/1996
   Cactus Canyon Lieutenant Dan
  Belgian Tervuren Shepherd
 DOB 11/12/1998

Cactus Canyon Sergeant Carter                      Cactus Canyon Maximillian
   Belgian Tervuren Shepherd                            Belgian Tervuren Shepherd
         DOB 08/08/1999                                                  DOB 03/01/1989

                                                     Fontaine's Yarah Gretchen  
                                                     Belgian Tervuren Shepherd   
                                                            DOB 07/22/2000
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