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Windrace Ranch     

The Never-Ending-Story

Hello, we are Glenn and Linda! We're glad you decided to stop in.

Our saga actually began many years ago when I was a child. I was an animal and country life lover ever since I could remember!
Twenty years ago, if you had asked Glenn what he envisioned his future to be,
he most certainly wouldn't have imagined he'd be living on a ranch in a
remote corner of the mountains of northern Arizona.
But that was before he met ME!
My dream has always been just that, and over time
Glenn began to share that dream too.
Yes, we once had the big house and nice cars that most people
strive for but we believe that there is more to life than working yourself
to death in a frenzy to buy, buy, buy. We wanted a more peaceful existence
but by the time we both realized our common goal, we were already
neck deep in debt. So, we bit the bullet, and decided that we would dig
ourselves out of the hole we'd put ourselves into and really enjoy life
the way we believe it was meant to be.

We sold the big house and cars, bought a much smaller
and older place, and proceeded to pay off all of those credit cards!
No, it wasn't easy, especially when family and friends thought we'd both lost our minds, but we did persevere. Now we find ourselves on our forty acre dream with our log cabin and animals, and plenty of quality time together.
We have done almost all of the work on our place ourselves. It was a learning experience together and the times that were tough only brought us that much closer. We wouldn't have it any other way!

Full moon rising east of our cabin.

Our ranch in south central Arizona was called
Cactus Canyon Ranch.
That did not appropriately describe how the wind races across
our hillsides here so we have changed our ranch name to reflect that.
We do still maintain the Cactus Canyon Herd name and Kennel name.

View to the east of Cactus Canyon Ranch

Our place was just outside of the city limits of Apache Junction in Pinal County, Arizona. It was here that we bought a 1.25 acre bare lot of rocky, dry desert land.
We moved an old mobile home onto the property and went to work laying underground electric lines, water lines from our well to the house, and out to our future barns and animal pens. We built a shed and a room addition and settled in.
We didn't want to put too much money into this place, though, because we didn't
intend to stay there for long, just enough time to get our debts paid.

Well, life happens, and our short stay turned into six years before we knew it!
But in the meanwhile we did learn alot, we acquired the livestock base we wanted,
and we were able to start a business of our own that finally enabled us to move to our off-the-grid dream. While working on our new place, we have put to use many of the skills that were learned during our six years in Apache Junction.
Glenn has always been handy with any type of building work around the
house so that was a benefit! I learned many new skills and sharpened
some old ones too such as canning foods, making homemade soaps,
and of course I polished up my cheese making. Our dogs really liked
that activity as they got to eat the mistakes!

We have raised Belgian Shepherds for many years and we've had
goats for just about as long. We also keep horses occasionally, and
we raise pigs, calves, sheep, turkeys, ducks, and chickens,
thereby utilizing some of our plentiful goats' milk.
We have raised rabbits in the past too but don't have any at this time.

We had a garden at the big house we sold, but the ground at our
Apache Junction place was one big rock, so raised beds it would have to be.
The only problem then was the fact that we thought we wouldn't be
staying there long, so each year passed without the
raised beds! If we had realized how much time would actually
have been spent there I think we would've gone ahead and
put the beds in. Hindsight is 20/20.

Windrace Ranch is located in remote Apache County, Arizona, about 22 miles
northeast of the small town of Snowflake. It is situated in the White Mountains
of Arizona with The Painted Desert and Petrified Forest National Park to the north and the Apache Sitgreaves National Forest to the south.

As we are still reconstructing our site, there will be new photos
and updates frequently so check back often!
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